Our Program In Sarasota, FL


Our History

Shining Stars Learning Center, Inc. was established on October 31, 1997, by the owner/President: Mr. Jerry. The educational program was implemented nine months later by Dr. Sonja, and is based on 40 years of learning and brain research, as well as direct application to the instruction process with children. It was copyrighted in 2007 by Dr. Sonja, when its implementation at Shining Stars Learning Center, Inc., was empirically found to be effective in its mission to educational achievement and learning success.
Child Playing Sand — Early Learning Center in  Sarasota, FL
For 19 years, children who graduated from Shining Stars Learning Center have been placed in accelerated classes or are highly successful in the Public School System. The Lindzy Learning Education Program (©2007) is based on Instructional and Special Needs Best Practices and provides for efficient and flexible learning for the school age years. The Creative Curriculum is also incorporated into the daily educational programming. The Kindness Curriculum is utilized for social-emotional development.

Our Philosophy of Learning

The Lindzy Learning Educational Program (©2007)

We recognize that the most precious gift each child brings to the learning situation is that child's individuality. Based on the theory and research that children have an innate, natural predisposition to learn, and that this ability to learn is through an inherited predisposition to be a visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or tactile learner, classroom programs encourage active involvement in a relevant, meaningful-centered learning environment. Skills are taught by incorporating weekly themes and are attained with repeated practice through a variety of materials and activities.
Children on Graduation — Early Learning Center in  Sarasota, FL
Emphasis is placed on stimulating, developing, and strengthening all perceptual modalities, thus enhancing all the input and output modes of processing information. We treat each child as an individual, working from the level each child is functioning at or has attained and moving forward one step at a time in a precise task analyzed sequence. We promote a love of learning by allowing children to experience success with each accomplishment. By strengthening all the perceptual modalities during the developmental years and while the plasticity of the brain is occurring, children "learn to learn", and can be successful in any learning situation during their future school age years, regardless of task demands, teaching styles, and/or instructional methodologies, thus allowing the child to become an efficient and flexible learner.

Mission Statement

"Empowering children to learn and succeed in all current and future endeavors"
This mission is achieved through our "Learning to Learn" Educational Program, with its emphasis on training the perceptual modalities, and is conducted in a positive, nurturing, safe, and supportive environment. Shining Stars Learning Center, Inc. ensures each individual child's present and future school success.
Imperative to this endeavor is the dedication and teamwork of the staff that implement this educational program, as well as their responsibility for the health, safety, and positive social emotional development of the children in their care.
Kids Reading — Early Learning Center in  Sarasota, FL